The Range Of Understanding

Range Resources (RRS:ASX) RRL:AIM
Dr Abdullahi sworn affidavit addressed to:
The Puntland Government
The Puntland Parliament
The Transitional Somali Fedral Government
Plaintiff – Dr Ali Abdullahi
Defendents – African Oil Ltd (Range Resources) Consort Pty.Ltd

”Range Resources wanted me to give Lundin Petroleum a fiddled and doctored report which was against my principles and proffesional ethics”

Do you no how your company conducts business?
Did you feel something was wrong but couldn’t finger it?
Has the company conveyed transparency?
The level of Ranges hollow promise has exceeded all expectations, but Fear not as your friend ”Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth” will now open up the case of how millions of dollars were pulled out of thin air to bankroll the casino lifestyle in which a small group enjoyed. The unequivocal truth is very different to the PR driven glamour sold to private investors globally.
Amsas (Dr Abdullahi) also possesses the right of first refusal, obtained from the Somali Federal Government, for another three unclaimed blocks of its choice within the borders of pre 1991 Somalia. The choice would include blocks once allocated by the Somali Democratic Republic to Eni, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Pecten and Amoco and potentially overrides claims by relative newcomers such as Africa Oil, Ophir, Asante, Maruader and Range Resources granted licenses by regional administrations such as Puntland and Somaliland.
Dr. Ali Abdullahi will join the Kilimanjaro Advisory Panel of Experts. Dr. Abdullahi is a candidate for the Presidency of the Puntland state and a former presidential candidate for the Somali TFG. Dr. Ali has extensive experience in mining and hydrocarbons. His political platform supports local economic and political self determination throughout Somalia as building blocks to restore stability and progress. He was one of the founders of the autonomous Puntland State and is committed to social, political, and economic progress in his homeland.
For additional information see Kilimanjaro’s website at
If you think Dr Abdullahi is without credibility ask why Range did business with Strait Oil employers of (Damian Conboy) a disgraced broker struck off in AUS for 2 yrs However having worked for (Note: Exchange Minerals )
do you think Dr Abdullahi is a dishonest or of questionable character? consider asking why Leo Khouri went out to Somalia? Kickboxing security thousands of miles from Australia – Think back to Mogadishu and black hawk down ” Not Sure Leo can handle those somalis single handed ”
If you think Dr Abdullahi has his fingers in too many pies please question the relationship between Leo Khuori (The Gun) Damian Conboy (The Broker & Private Equity Strait Oil) Tony Sage (IOP chairman, Perth Glory,Cape Lambert etc) Mick Shamesian (Exchange Minerals) Mick Gatto (Mob boss) – Really? Really? Really? Click Here or look at the Opus Prime collapse. 
Jane Flegg, John Stratton,Brett Kebble and 34 Parliament PlaceFill in the blanks here As the fragmented systematic privilege of knowing the industry becomes clearer.
Who have we not mentioned yet? – Peter Landau An intelligent man or a corporate thrill seeker.
Peter Landua is the PR glamour girl who fronted the operation, The IOP Deal, The Puntland Debacle or The Georgia Farmin which may test the research ability of the average private punter however to these people the close proximity of operations are not by chance or good fortune! ” More clever interconnecting business developments forged together by one constitution – Greed,Money,Power and success
Threats,Books,Crooks and Sooks – All evidence has been submitted to Asic, AFP,UK Fraud Squad,Aim Regulation the FCA etc.
Installments will be delivered regularly through a common denominator – The manor house
The above is opinion generated from factual findings hidden from the day to day business of the small cap resource industry investors, Please don’t treat this as investment advice but do treat it as a warning to the lack of knowledge you encompass.



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